My baby is growing up!

This is me and my baby! Obviously this is an old picture as he is almost 11! Yet he is my youngest. He is the one that gets to grow up with more of me. Why? Because I decided to work on myself when he was still young. I decided to turn in and look at why I was so angry, sad, offended, broken and insecure. And now I get to see the ripple effect.

It hit me yesterday in parent teacher conference when the teacher said what a joy Traven is, how he never gives up until he understands, he asks questions, volunteers to go up to the board in front of the class, and has a positive attitude! He is also getting the perseverance award because of how driven he is!

I have tears of joy as I write this.I am deeply proud of all 3 of my boys and they each have something very special about them. And they are so very different. Today I have to shine the light on Traven. He is wise beyond his years and coming out of his shell. He was my shy one, like all my boys he lived through some trauma watching his brother and his mom go through cancer and other family struggles these past 5 years. And yet here he is shining his own light, being brave and setting an example.

I am not going to take credit for where Traven is today, he is a growing boy and perfectly capable of making his own choices when it comes to school and who is showing up as in the world. AND I know the work I have done on myself has made and impact on my family. I know I have an impact on my kids and my family. Don't get me wrong: it's not always a positive one! I am still growing and learning. I wish I could have been in the space when all my kids were little, and yet I know I did the best I could at the time. I will never turn back, I am fully committed to work on myself because it's that important.

I know you have an impact on your family too. If you are having some of the feelings I mentioned above what kind of impact is that having on your kids? Can you think of that when you are deciding to ignore your pain, shove another thing under the rug and pretend your life is good. We all have options. Curious if coaching is right for you? Message me for a complimentary assessment.

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