From Employee to Business Owner to Living my Dream

My home office in Vernal

When my kids were younger I wanted nothing more than to be at home with them. I also had this insane drive that wanted and needed something for me too. I had done the commute thing and it was really hard, as we lived in the Salt Lake area at the time and a commute meant an extra 1-2 hours out of my day, leaving little time for my family. I was determined to make something work. 

Another thing that was brewing in me is that I had worked for several small businesses and to be honest I didn't need a boss. I was driven, motivated, hard working, dependable and sometimes that can be frustrating when working for others.

Honestly, I loved working for these small businesses they seemed like little families. There were always pieces I wanted to do differently. Mostly around employees and their happiness. I paid attention, people wanted to be appreciated and trusted. People wanted to have freedom and something to be proud of. I took note.

When my last boss fought me about working from home and didn't want to recognize or pay me for the fact that that I helped build his systems and attracted all my own clients, I knew it was time for me to go. 

I started what would end up being ProFile Transaction Management in August of 2014. Mostly I wanted to work from home, I knew I needed an assistant because I wanted to spend time on marketing. So I hired one right away. My previous employer let me take a few clients and I started with about 12 files. 

Shortly after I got started Bills job took us out of Salt Lake area to Vernal and at first I was scared I would lose clients. Then I remembered I was already virtual! This in turn made me realize why not other states?! I got busy and started applying to Transaction Coordinator Jobs across the country. My first out of state client would be a large Keller Williams team  in Minnesota. EEK!! What was I doing!? It was scary, but it was so exciting we were growing!

As I we grew and added on more team members and we began to build a community. I knew if I loved my employees they would love my clients like I did. And it worked! When I added new team members I looked for people I wanted to help. I looked for people like me that wanted to be home but still wanted to work! And sometimes that worked out really well for me and sometimes it didn't! Ha-ha!

Things were going really well at work but my family life began to crumble. Jacob( My oldest) would move out to live with his dad, about a year into business and I would lean on my team members to help me make it through, it felt like a death. 

Then Bill would get laid off and we would have to move to Arizona. When Jacob was diagnosed with Cancer The community we had built with our employees and the agents support would be a huge part of what held me up. 

The day after Jacob was admitted to UNM hospital in Albuquerque was supposed to be a main team members first day at her new job. Chelsea who had worked for me for the past year was moving on to work at her kids school. I spent the day in the hospital trying to read emails and complete tasks and I just couldn't do it. My son was in the bed and I had no idea what was wrong, doctors in and out. Chelsea got off work from her new job called me and said “I can’t do it” I am coming back. I tried to fight her and tell her to go on to her new job, I would be okay. Knowing I was falling apart. She insisted in that moment I just cried, there was no way I was going to be able to keep up and I knew Jacob was in trouble.She hopped on  and she cleaned up the mess of emails and tasks for that Tuesday after Labor day. 

Thanks to Chelsea Profile barely skipped a beat. I worked on what I could and would then endure my own diagnosis with stage 4 breast cancer. ProFile continued to grow and thrive. Even through all this we continued to grow each year. 

When Jacob and I were done with treatments I came back to ProFile and wondered where my place was, what now? I began thinking about doing other things and since I had a coach through my last few years of trauma I felt the calling to help others on a deeper level.

I went to coaching school and began to put more systems in place at ProFile. After coaching school I was very clear this was my purpose. To be honest the last 5 years with profile had been hard, really hard. Although I was blessed to have a business to hold us up during cancer I was exhausted from trying to hold a business and my family together. It was time to move on. 

All I did was recognize this and I got a call from that first out of state client that hired us when we first began. “ Have you ever thought about selling ProFile” GASP!! YES! The conversations began and before I knew it, the papers were signed and I thought I could quietly slip away. 

A part of me wanted to run so far away and never look back.  It was time to shut that door and I was going to pretend none of that mattered. What I built was no big deal, the relationships would be okay, I would be okay, my clients would be okay and ProFile would be okay. 

Well I don't know if you ever tried to run away from your feelings but it doesn't really work! For me a big part of my years with Profile were pain, the pain I of overworking so I could build, the pain I endured during my time there with loss, cancer, friendships lost because their job didn't work out, the pain of seeing my employees struggle to adjust.  I was done I wanted to just run away. And that had its effects too. 

Today we are 4 months from the sale, Myself, ProFile, The Team, the Clients are all in a much better place today. It was a wild ride but I am proud to say I successfully built, sold and transitioned a business to a new owner. 

I learned that no matter how hard the pain is you have to face it. Which seems to be my lesson over and over. We don't get to skip the pain, we don't get to move on and not feel. If you want peace you have to make time for the pain. I learned that we need to take time to celebrate our wins. I learned that I wasn't just selling a company, I was changing seasons in my life and although I loved what I built and all the relationships it was okay to move on.

I will stay on with Profile during the next year to continue to offer support for the full transition. And I have made peace with the season of ProFile and what it meant for my life. I will be forever grateful for my team, the clients and the new owners.

I am excited for what the future brings to my coaching business and ProFile!

At ProFiles Peak we had closed over 1200 in a year and had 9 team members. I had built a real company!

And now, I get to be here to serve others! Something I only dreamed about!  

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