3 Important Lessons

There will always be another layer to peel back when you're committed to working on yourself. At least that is what I am finding. If I look back I know there were times that I thought I had made it to some destination, as if there was someplace to get to in this life. It is becoming more and more clear that this is not true as the next lesson is always here to slap me into reality.

It seems there is still another layer of healing and learning. Something deeper that helps us evolve. A more in-depth way we can see ourselves, but only if we are paying attention. Only if we are willing to look and be open to what is there, it seems physically distancing ourselves from others, and the places we regularly visit being shut down really shines a spotlight on whatever was already just beneath the surface. Whatever feelings are coming up are not new, they are simply something we shoved aside to strive for what we thought was more important at the time. There is a gift in this time to work through whatever is coming up.

For me, as I was made to slow down and really think about my life and what I was doing. I realized that even though I changed careers from real estate to coaching, some of my old patterns of workaholism were still showing up. AND I was again doing things that did not bring my joy or light me up. One of those things was the pressure and expectations I put on myself. I know when I have this pressure on myself I can't fully show up and be present. I released this pressure, and the inspiration came flooding in!

With this opportunity, we are given a chance to slow down. I am now seeing very clearly what lights me up! What I enjoy! It has brought me joy and excitement to know I never needed to have this pressure on myself in the first place.

When I can just sit back and be me and do what lights me up, I feel more grounded, present, and even joyful! This adjustment has allowed me to be more present with my family and truly enjoy them, and this time as well! Some days you can even find us listening to music, dancing and singing in the kitchen. I see this in so many others as well; people understand that this time is a gift.

Being present in today is the secret! When we think about tomorrow, that is when the fear and anxiety creep in.

1.Be Present. 2. Be Present 3. Be Present

I am curious, what are you noticing?

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