The Authentic and Connected Life Blueprint 

3 Month Group Program for Women

This is for you if... 

  • You sweep your problems under the rug, and you're tired of the effects of that.

  • From the outside, looking in your life looks great. On the inside, it feels as though you are suffocating.

  • You're tired of being let down by those around you.

  • You long to be more connected with those important to you, but you're not sure how.

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You are a strong, smart, motivated woman. Your life is good, but you know there is more. You are successful but yet, you feel like there is more. You have high expectations of yourself and others. 


 You are spread thin and this makes you feel like your not doing a good job. You are not very nice to yourself. You find it hard to balance all the needs of others, and your needs. You can resist change but also love growth.


You  want to calm your mind and your body. You want to be comfortable with who you are and know that you are enough. You want to be strong and loyal to yourself, like you are with others. You want  to enjoy the moment right now and not stress over what may or may not happen tomorrow. You just need to relax. You want to better your relationships. You want to take care of you and be supported by your family and others.  You want more enjoyment out of your life.


Hi! I'm Brandy!

Life Balance Coach and Founder of Serenimity,

 I am an entrepreneur, stage iv breast cancer survivor, thriver and Life Coach! One day I was pinching myself, because in life, I had little to complain about. Then one day I found myself trying to wake up from this fog of my new life. Cancer for my son, cancer for me, how is this happening? My goal in life was very simple, all I wanted was happiness. Even through tough times I still believe I have achieved this.


It wasn’t as if I didn’t have struggles until the cancer showed up, I had just found a way out of living in pain every day from the struggles in life. It took dedication and commitment to changing my attitudes and ideas about the challenges I had endured to find the happiness I craved so much.


That statement about happiness, I know we can all achieve that. I’ve turned my struggles into victories. Being able to look at my experiences and how they have shaped me, have allowed me to be the person I am today. I like who I am today. Do you? Let me help you find that same balance and freedom.


Without the support and guidance in my own life, I would not be where I am today. This is why  I am so passionate about helping others. I hope you join us!

Are you ready to say yes to yourself?

As women, we can find it hard to invest in our self. I know I did. Some may think its selfish to invest in yourself. Its to much to spend money on something that can help us grow. I know my husband and family would agree its 1,000 % worth it! I am worth it and so are you! 

Authentic Life Blueprint


What's Included:

3 Month Group Coaching Program-with 9 Live sessions via zoom!

Private Facebook Group where  you will find the recorded lessons and live classes. 

Tools and techniques to sustain you long after course is over.

Spotlight Coaching and support from Brandy-Via group or Private Message! **This is new! 


Q: When is the program?

A: The next program begins on August 26, 2020, at 6:30 pm PST. There are limited spaces available, so be sure to secure your spot now to regain freedom and love your life.

Q: How will the classes run?

A: Each module can be watched at your own pace.  Group calls will be LIVE and interactive experience. You’ll get all the training content PLUS have the chance to get your questions answered! Calls will be recorded to watch if you miss a class. 

Q: What if I can't attend a class?

A: No problem at all! While it’s highly recommended that you attend live, we record each session and give you online access to them so you never have to worry about missing any of the live calls.

Q: Is there a payment plan available?

A: YES! You can choose to pay in full or in 3 installments. (Scholarships and sliding scale also available message me for details)

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The Authentic Life Blueprint

August 26, 2020-   

November 18, 2021

Live Class Select Wednesday's

6:30 pm PST 

Choose your investment plan 

BONUS: If you sign up prior to 1/1/2020 you will also get access to Serenimity Membership group for 6 months! A $200 value! Monthly calls and a bonus quarterly book club! 


Alicia D 

Brandy is a one of a kind human and you won't regret working with her! She is amazing at what she does, keeps it real, is so inspiring, and genuinely cares. Working with Brandy has been life changing and I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from her and other ladies in her group.

Michelle O.

This class was soooo good! It was recommended to me by a friend and I am so glad I listened! I learned so many valuable tools, including how to deal with my anger issues, how to recognize my triggers and even how to halt to the reaction before it turned to anger. I also learned that I was using “busyness” as a coping mechanism to avoid uncomfortable situations and how fear has really been holding me back from experiencing joy. Brandy has a gift of asking the right questions in the right context to get to the root of the issue. She demonstrated this over and over again, each time getting me to really focus in on the underlying issue. She does this so gently that many times I’d wonder what just happened. I highly recommend her and any of her classes if you truly want to do some work on yourself. This was time very well spent!!

Nesha T.

I was feeling stuck, burned out, lost, and pretty unhappy with my life. Brandy has helped me look at myself and my life in a whole new way. She has given me the tools to be able to make positive changes in my mindset, my relationships, and my life. Working with Brandy has given me the confidence to start my own business, to communicate my needs, and to set healthy boundaries in my relationships without feeling guilty. She has a real passion for helping people live a life that makes them happy.

Laura R

I joined a group class with Brandy and many other wonderful ladies for 6 months. It has been truly life changing! Brandy's course is planned out perfectly, but was also relaxed enough even busy Moms can make it. It is a personal challenge at times, and requires some personal accountability but has been worth it. I highly recommend for any women feeling stuck, insecure, perfectinistic, are struggling with having meaningful relationships or like they aren't living to their full potential in any aspect of their life.