Creating Strength from the Inside

My Coaching Story

I remember the day the term "Life Coach" really caught my ear. I assumed it was some fancy name for people who had great goals to reach. This time was different. I was scrolling through the Children's Cancer center Facebook group. Another mom had a post about how much a life coach has helped her with processing cancer for her child and her relationships.

At the time, Jacob had gone back to his dad's to live, and we just found out his cancer wasn't gone. I was so angry and sad that he had left and scared of what was coming. I felt lost. Like no one could help, and no one would understand. Each time I tried to “fix” the situation it only made it worse.

When I called the Life Coach Molly, I had to pull over to catch the tears coming up from my heart. I managed to speak through the tears. "I don't even know if you can help me," Molly listened, and I felt some relief. I continued to see Molly through the year of Jacob's bone marrow transplant and my own cancer diagnosis and have worked with several others along the way.

Through Life Coaching, I found understanding of myself and my relationships, I found connection, confidence, and clarity, so much so that I knew it could make a difference for other women. Perhaps they don't need a cancer diagnosis or other catastrophic life events to force them to pay attention. I can be the one to help them realize this.

So what is it that I do?

I help women who feel the pressure of expectations, escape the anxieties of those relationships and finally experience the connections they have longed for by giving them one on one personalized support and teaching them tools that will sustain them long after the coaching session.

Women who work with me say it is inspiring, life-changing, and that they walk away with more courage and confidence, allowing them to be more peaceful inside and out. I help you be more you, to find hope in unsettling times.